Public Economics

The goals of the module are to develop an understanding of the various views on the role of the government in an economy; study the theories of government expenditure, taxation and loan finance (debt) by the state, and thereby to master the principles of public economics; and study the influence of public sector activities on the economy, both macro- and microeconomically, with special reference to South Africa.

Course instructors: Krige Siebrits, Ada Jansen and Andreas Freytag

Work programme (Honours students)

Work programme (Master's students)


BER Weekly

18 February 2019
There was a slew of data releases last week, both on the domestic and international front. Domestic releases focused on real economic data for December 2018, all but completing the picture for 2018Q4 GDP. In financial markets, the rand lost further ground last week on the back of a strong US dollar and the return of load shedding. On the international...

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