International Finance

The purpose of this module is to expose students to the basic theory, the major issues and the institutional/practical aspects of international finance/ international monetary economics. Having completed the module successfully, the diligent student should have the necessary background and tools to understand and analyze the role of exchange rates and the balance of payments in an open economy on both the theoretical and policy levels and have a working knowledge of the major international financial events and issues of the past few decades.

Course instructor: Hylton Hollander

Work programme

BER Weekly

18 February 2019
There was a slew of data releases last week, both on the domestic and international front. Domestic releases focused on real economic data for December 2018, all but completing the picture for 2018Q4 GDP. In financial markets, the rand lost further ground last week on the back of a strong US dollar and the return of load shedding. On the international...

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