Honours Macroeconomics

This module considers the principal approaches used in modern macroeconomics to investigate business cycles and the long-term performance of market economies. In the first part of the module, business cycles and empirical business cycle models are considered (including the Mundell-Fleming and the dynamics of the current account are considered). This is followed by a session on monetary and fiscal policies. The second half of the module introduces the two major models of modern macroeconomics (Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans and Overlapping-Generations models) in the context of growth theory. At the end of the module, the student should be able to follow the bulk of modern macroeconomic research.

Module presenter: Gideon du Rand

Course outline

BER Weekly

27 March 2023
In a holiday-shortened week for SA, there was plenty to digest, starting with the EFF’s planned shutdown on Monday, which amid a poor turnout was ‘downgraded’ to a stayaway. Two other noteworthy local developments were a higher-than-expected February CPI inflation print and another increase in government’s salary hike offer to public sector workers....

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