Dr Willem Boshoff

     Willem H. Boshoff, PhD (Stell), MSc (Oxon), MComm (Stell)


Senior Lektor in die Ekonomie | Senior Lecturer in Economics


Direkteur van Econex | Director of Econex 


T: +27 (0)21 808 2387 E: wimpie2@sun.ac.za

K501, CGW Schumann Building, Bosman Street


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 CV December 2014



Industriële Organisasie en Mededingingsbeleid (nagraads) | Industrial Organisation and Competition Policy (graduate-level)

Inleidende Industriële Organisasie (voorgraads - Ekonomie 388) | Introductory Industrial Organisation (undergraduate - Economics 388)

Intensiewe Magister Statistiekkursus | Intensive Masters Statistics Course

Magister & Honneurs Ekonometrie (tydreekse) | Masters & Honours Econometrics (time series)



1. Mededingingsbeleid | Competition policy 

Boshoff, W.H. 2015. Structural presumptions in merger decisions.

Boshoff, W.H., Frübing, S. and Hüschelrath, K. 2015. Non-binding advance price announcements.

Boshoff, W.H. and Froeb, L.M. 2015. Cartel pricing dynamics and frequency-based tests.

Boshoff, W.H. 2013. Market definition using statistical learning techniques and consumer characteristics: radio markets. Working paper at ERSA

Boshoff, W.H. 2013. Limits and uses of price tests for market definition. Stellenbosch Working Paper 

2. Sakesiklusse | Business cycles

Boshoff, W.H. and Du Plessis, S.A. 2015. Recovery phases in the South African business cycle.

Boshoff, W.H. 2015. Sentiment and the South African cycle.

Boshoff, W.H. and Van Niekerk, A.H. 2014. Assessing the business cycle information of band-pass filters: a study of South African short- and medium-term cycles. Older version: Working paper at ERSA



1. Mikro-ekonomie en mededingingsbeleid | Microeconomics and competition policy

Boshoff, W.H. 2015. Illegal cartel overcharges in markets with a legal cartel history: bitumen prices in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics accepted.

Boshoff, W.H. 2014. Market definition as a problem of statistical inference. Journal of Competition Law and Economics published online. http://jcle.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/nhu025? ijkey=2NKnXzeCQhOm80g&keytype=ref

Boshoff, W.H. 2012. The strategic implications of black empowerment policy in South Africa: a case study of boundary choice and client preferences in a small services firm. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences 15(2): 207-221 

Boshoff, W.H. 2012. Gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel demand in South Africa. Studies in Economics and Econometrics 36(1): 43-78. Paper 

Theron, N.M. and Boshoff, W.H. 2011. When do vertical restraints harm competition? The economics-based approach and its application in the BATSA case. South African Journal of Economics 79(3): 330-345. 

Boshoff, W.H. 2008. Cigarette demand in South Africa over 1996-2006: the role of price, income and health awareness. South African Journal of Economics 76(1): 118-131.

Boshoff, W.H. 2007. Stationarity tests in geographic market definition: an application to South African milk markets.  South African Journal of Economics 75(1): 1-14.

Theron, N.M. and Boshoff, W.H. 2006. Vertical integration in South African telecommunications: a competition analysis. South African Journal of Economics 74(3): 575-592.

2. Doktorale verhandeling in mededingingsbeleid | Doctoral thesis on competition policy 

Full thesis 

3. Makro-ekonomie | Macroeconomics

Boshoff, W.H. and Fourie, J. 2010. The significance of the Cape trade route to economic activity in the Cape Colony: a medium-term business cycle analysis. European Review of Economic History 14(3): 469-503.

Boshoff, W.H. and Fourie, J. 2008. Explaining the ship traffic fluctuations in the early Cape settlement: 1652-1793. South African Journal of Economic History 23(1&2): 1-27.

Boshoff, W.H. 2008. Rethinking ASGISA and the Rand exchange rate. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences 11(1): 113-118. 

Boshoff, W.H. 2006. The transmission of foreign financial crises to South Africa: a firm-level study. Studies in Economics and Econometrics 30(2): 61-85. Accessible at: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1576505

Boshoff, W.H. 2005. The properties of cycles in South African financial variables and their relation to the business cycle. South African Journal of Economics 73(4): 796-804.