Dieter von Fintel

Dieter von Fintel,  PhD (Stell), MComm (Stell)


Senior Lecturer in Economics, Stellenbosch

Research on Socioeconomic Policy (ReSEP), Stell

Laboratory for the Economics of Africa's Past (LEAP), Stell

Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA), Bonn.


dieter2[at] | +27 (21) 808-2242

CGW Schumann Building 420, Bosman Street, Stellenbosch

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My research focusses on microeconometric applications in the fields of Development Economics, South African labour markets and Cliometrics (in the Dutch era of the Cape Colony).

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(with links to working paper versions)

Errors in recalling childhood socio-economic status: the role of anchoring and household formation in South Africa (with Dori Posel), Social Indicators Research, forthcoming, 2015

Slave prices and productivity at the Cape of Good Hope from 1700-1725: did all settler farmers profit from the trade? (with Sophia du Plessis and Ada Jansen), Cliometrica, forthcoming, 2015

The Unintended Consequences of Education Policies on South African Participation and Unemployment (with Rulof Burger and Servaas van der Berg), South African Journal of Economics, forthcoming, 2015

Hunger in the former apartheid homelands: determinants of converging food security 100 years after the 1913 Land Act (with Louw Pienaar), Agrekon, Vol 53(4), 2014

Rising unemployment in a growing economy: A business cycle, generational and life cycle perspective of post-transition South Africa’s labour market (with Rulof Burger), Studies in Economics and Econometrics,Vol 38(1), 2014

Settler skills and colonial development: the Huguenot wine-makers in eighteenth-century Dutch South Africa. (with Johan Fourie) Economic History Review, Vol 67(4), 2014

The Wealth of Cape Colony Widows: Inheritance Laws and Investment Responses Following Male Death in the 17th and 18th Centuries (with Sophia du Plessis and Ada Jansen), Economic History of Developing Regions, Vol 28(1): 87-108, 2013

Towards understanding the impact of the international financial crisis on child poverty: Lessons from South Africa. In (eds.) Harper, C., Jones, N., Mendoze, R.U., Stewart, D. and Strand, E., Children in Crisis: Seeking Child-Sensitive Policy Responses. (with Margaret Chitiga, Bernard Decaluwé, Ramos Mabugu, Hélène Maisonnave, Véronique Robichaud, Debra Shepherd and Servaas van der Berg), 2012.

The Fruit of the Vine? An Augmented Endowments-Inequality Hypothesis and the Rise of an Elite in the Cape Colony (with Johan Fourie) in Amsdem, Di Caprio and Robinson (eds) The Role of Elites in Economics Development. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2012.

'n Ongelyke Oes: Die Franse Hugenote en die vroeë Kaapse wynbedryf. (met Johan Fourie) - Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe. Vol. 51(3): 332-353, 2011.

A History with Evidence: Income inequality in the Dutch Cape Colony (with Johan Fourie) - Economic History of Developing Regions, Vol. 26(1), 2011.

Residential Property Prices in a Sub-Market of South Africa: Separating Real Returns from Attribute Growth (with Michael Els) - South African Journal of Economics Vol 78(4): 418-436, 2010.

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The South African Labour Market in the Global Financial Crisis - recovering lost gains (with Rulof Burger) - Chapter for the Transformation Audit 2009, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.

Dealing With Earnings Bracket Responses In Household Surveys - How Sharp Are Midpoint Imputations? South African Journal of Economics Vol 71, 2007



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